I love antique photos. You can learn so much about how things have changed, and again how little has. We inherited 3 trunks of photos from the late 1800's to the 1940s and 50's. Most came from an enigmatic, extremely hard working but photo-loving woman named Lena, an ancestor of my husband, born in 1879. She had more contacts, more postcards (several hundreds) and more photos of herself taken than anyone who is not a well know celebrity. She seems to have collected antique photos from all around her. She unfortunately didn't identify many, only writing "Lena" on many given to her. I think she assumed she would remember, and of course after that it wouldn't matter!

We are still sorting through all the stuff trying to piece together Lena's fascinating and sometimes tragic life. Meanwhile, here are a variety of photos, including some of the highest (and lowest!) fashion.

I have also included the very old family photos I have from my mom's side of the family.

I hope you enjoy, and thank you for visiting my blog.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Fascinating antique children's photos

All of us who have raised kids, or have children as close family members, probably have dozens of pictures of the kids. The photos mean a lot, and we can look at them over and over.  Generally, however, photos of other peoples kids are "nice" and we ooh and aah over them, but we don't find them as compelling as those of our own.

  In Lena's collection of antique and old photos there are quite a number of cute  photos of kids. A few stood out, in that they are interesting to look at all on their own.  Today I'm presenting 4 of these.  For the first I have no date or name but it came with some other photos which  were from the 1870's.

 This photo attracted my attention for the unusual dress and hairdo of the little girl, and the barely posed setting. Plus there's just a look in both of the children's eyes which makes me want to know them more--and to give them a hug.

The next photos is of  a little girl named Katy Pearl: The photo is from the 1890;s. This kid has a mischievous look in her eyes that shows kids from any age can mean BIG TROUBLE! 

The third photos is from a little girl named Zelpha, from about 1895. She was a first cousin of Lena (see early posts)  She, in turn,  looks older than her 6 years of age. She has this worldly, knowing  look about her that I find quite strange.

The final photo is of Leta, Lena's sister.

I love this photo, which is from the about 1899. Her dress is of a style I haven't seen often, and her legs and feet look like those of a small doll! And she is just plain cute!
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  1. Beautiful Photos! What treasures and don't they tell a story! If the photos could talk!

  2. wow, you are so right about old compelling they are when you really look! I appreciate you visiting my blog and love that term "fries my taters" that will be a new favorite one in my fam. very best to you this summer day! Gretchen/chiefchickchatterer

  3. these are great! I just want to pick up and take Leta home in the last picture! She is so precious! Look like an American Doll come to life.

    I have been meaning to scan the photo with the child and bunny II think you will enjoy. I will do it tonight ;)

  4. The top photo is definitely fascinating, seems like you are peering into their minds, they don't take photos like that anymore, which is part of the beauty and fascination I think for me.

  5. Inspired by YOU I finally scanned my 2 child vintage photos I am in love with!